Lead Securities and Investment Limited
We deliver investment products, technology, and tools – helping millions meet immediate spending needs, build wealth, and retire securely.
Lead Securities and Investment Limited is widely acknowledged as a prominent investment banking firm in Nigeria and renowned for its expertise in Capital Raising, Financial Advisory and Underwriting With a client base that includes governments, financial institutions, high net worth individuals and multinationals, the company's Investment Banking Team boasts extensive experience in various transactions such as Rights Issues, Public Offers, project finance deal structuring, and capital raising from both equity and debt markets.
Our Vision
”To be a well diversified stockbrokerage firm acknowledged for its reputation for competent, dynamic and yet conservative advise”
Our Mission
”To provide the public with high quality service in a constructive ethical environment that encourages innovation, creativity and teamwork whilst aiding shareholders in the maximization of returns on investments”.
Our services
At Lead Securities and Investment Limited, our Dealing services redefine convenience in the financial realm. With expert precision, we execute transactions swiftly, providing access to a diverse range of tradable assets tailored to your goals. Experience transparency, personalized guidance, and efficient execution – the pillars of our commitment to your financial success.
Broker to Issue
Unlock exclusive investment opportunities with Lead Securities and Investment Limited, your trusted Broker to Issue. As your intermediary, we facilitate smooth and efficient transactions, ensuring you gain privileged access to new securities. Rely on our expertise to navigate the issuance process, and let us be your bridge to a world of potential returns.
Receiving Agent
Experience seamless financial management with Lead Securities and Investment Limited as your dedicated Receiving Agent. Trust us to handle the meticulous receipt and processing of your financial instruments, dividends, and income with precision. Let us safeguard your investments and ensure you receive the full benefits of your financial assets.
Investment Advisory
Elevate your investment strategy with Lead Securities and Investment's expert Investment Advisory services. Our seasoned advisors provide personalized guidance, leveraging market insights to align your investments with financial goals. Gain confidence in your decisions and embark on a path of strategic growth under our tailored investment counsel.
Financial Advisory
Secure your financial future with Lead Securities and Investment's comprehensive Financial Advisory services. From wealth management to strategic planning, our seasoned advisors offer expert insights tailored to your unique financial journey. Partner with us to make informed decisions, optimize your financial portfolio, and confidently pursue your long-term goals.
Portfolio Management
Maximize your returns with Lead Securities and Investment's Portfolio Management services. Our seasoned experts tailor and oversee your investments, ensuring diversification and optimal performance aligned with your financial objectives. Experience the benefits of strategic portfolio planning as you navigate the dynamic landscape of wealth accumulation with confidence.
Benefit of our services.
Trade Nigeria stocks
Dive into the vibrant opportunities of Nigeria's stock market, where the largest economy in Africa unfolds investment potential. Trade Nigeria stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, navigating diverse sectors and companies for strategic financial growth.
Recover unclaimed dividend and shares.
Recover unclaimed dividends and reclaim missed shares and earnings by exploring avenues to trace and reinstate unclaimed dividend payments. Take control of your financial future by investigating and recovering any overlooked dividends, ensuring you maximize your returns on investments.
Keep tabs on top companies
Stay ahead in the financial game by keeping a vigilant eye on top-performing companies. Track market leaders, monitor their performance, and make informed investment decisions to secure your financial success in the ever-evolving landscape of the business world.
Start your investment now
Embark on your financial journey today! Unlock the doors to wealth and prosperity by starting your investment now. Don't wait for opportunities – create them. Your financial future begins with a single step. Start investing, start thriving!