LeadCapital Plc
Investment Banking
We deliver bespoke investment banking solutions to our clients
LeadCapital Plc is widely acknowledged as a prominent investment banking firm in Nigeria and renowned for its expertise in Capital Raising, Financial Advisory and Underwriting With a client base that includes governments, financial institutions, and multinationals, the company's Investment Banking Team boasts extensive experience in various transactions such as Rights Issues, Public Offers, project finance deal structuring, and capital raising from both equity and debt markets.
Capital Markets
We specialize in securing equity and debt capital from a diverse range of private providers globally. With a broad network spanning continents and industries, our team tailors solutions to meet unique financial needs.
Whether it's facilitating equity financing for growth or securing debt capital for operations, we optimize funding structures.
Our commitment extends beyond transactions, fostering lasting relationships and providing ongoing support. Choose us for Equity and Debt Raise services that offer more than just capital, delivering a comprehensive financial strategy aligned with your business goals.
Business Consolidation and Acquisitions.
We offer comprehensive advisory services for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), covering both buy and sell-side transactions, divestments, strategic structuring, joint ventures, and balance sheet restructuring.
With expertise in domestic and cross-border transactions, our team delivers tailored solutions, consistently exceeding client expectations. Our approach focuses on understanding each client's unique needs, ensuring successful transactions and long-term value creation.
We stand ready to guide you through the complexities of the M&A landscape for informed decision-making and sustainable growth.
Restructuring of the Balance Sheet
Our expertise lies in efficiently reorganizing companies' liabilities, assets, and equity for optimized cash flow management.
Through careful analysis and strategic execution, we identify opportunities for streamlining debt, optimizing assets, and refining equity structures. Our goal is not only immediate financial gains but also to establish a robust foundation for sustained growth.
Trust us to guide you through the complexities of balance sheet restructuring, ensuring a more agile, efficient, and strategically aligned financial future.
Modeling and Valuation of Assets
Our Asset Modeling and Valuation services revolve around accurately pricing assets for potential transactions. This involves employing various valuation methods to determine the fair value of the asset.
Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge techniques, considering market conditions and industry trends to provide a thorough and reliable valuation.
Beyond pricing, we offer strategic insights into market dynamics, empowering clients with the knowledge needed for confident decision-making in transactions.