Financial Advisory

We help companies make smarter decisions to manage shareholder value expectations and provide independent advice on the Nigeria capital market. We are most relevant in client situations where the corporate value, strategy or business portfolio is under scrutiny or where the board is faced with making significant strategic investment decisions such as corporate reorganisation, mergers & acquisition, balance sheet restructuring and other related strategic matters. Our services include:


  1. Corporate Restructuring– We offer a wide range of services to companies in need of corporate renewal. We provide world class services to companies that need to review their corporate and business strategies, to enhance their relevance in a highly competitive global market. The integrated service offering combines the provision of specialist business advice and the development of innovative solutions to complex problems as well as formal insolvency procedures, some of which include; strategic businesses unbundling and integration, corporate renewal, financial engineering, etc.


  1. Mergers and Acquisitions –Our services entail aspects on corporate strategy and finance; dealing with the buying, selling and a combination of different companies that can aid, finance, or help a company grow rapidly without having to create another business entity. We advise on strategy, scoping and searching; sell-side and buy-side lead advisory services; public and private capital raising; management buy-outs; formation of strategic relationships and Private Equity transactions.


  1. Business Valuation & Modelling: This involves the evaluation and comprehensive analyses of a company’s business and performance to determine its economic value. This enables clients to make more informed and effective business decisions towards achieving its strategic objectives.