What we do

our core focus

We are a leading Corporate and Investment firm that offers our clients innovative advisory and financing solutions across various industries. Our highly-skilled Investment Banking teams work across various asset classes.

Issuing House

LeadCapital assists clients to raise the required capital, through public offerings and private placements of equity or equity-related capital, to accomplish a variety of shareholders’ goal.

Financial Advisory

We help companies make smarter decisions to manage shareholder value expectations and provide independent advice on the Nigeria capital market.

Investment Research

Our in-depth understanding of macroeconomic environment, industries, and companies help us provide clients with unbiased opinions and analysis to aid their investment decisions.

Project Finance

Working with project sponsors/developers, bidding consortia and public sector entities, we provide project finance advisory services. As such, we provide financial and procurement advice to public sector bodies, as well as bid advice, implementation support and fund raising for private sector clients.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our services entail aspects on corporate strategy and finance; dealing with the buying, selling and combination of different companies that can aid, finance, or help a company grow rapidly without having to create another business entity. We advise on strategy, scoping and searching; sell-side and buy-side.

Business Valuation & Modelling

This involves the evaluation and comprehensive analyses of a company’s business and performance to determine its economic value. This enables clients to make more informed and effective business decisions towards achieving its strategic objectives.

Generating New Ideas, Solving Bigger Problems

Client coverage

We are specialized in different areas of investments, majorly but not limited to the below sectors. We will glad to collaborate with any new venture, for effective growth and partnership.

  • Banking
  • agriculture
  • maufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • information techNology
  • insurance
  • state goverNment bonds
  • mining
  • investment services

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