Difference Between Fixed Deposit and Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills Treasury Bills on the other hand is also a short term financial investment but sold by the Central Bank of Nigeria. An investor in treasury bills lends money to the CBN for a stipulated period in exchange for interest. Treasury bills are usually for a period of 91days, 182 days and 364 days.
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Why your “house” is not an investment

An investment can be seen as money spent on capital goods and services which in turn yields profit over time. A house is a physical structure that is usually built for the purpose of providing comfort and shelter. In Nigeria, getting a house built is a herculean task that could take years to complete. Some,
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Investment options for salary earners

Recently, one of the readers of my articles asked to know what investment options are open to salary earners. A salaried individual is like everyone else except that he or she has a fixed monthly income. This implies that their investments and expenses have to be managed strictly according to their fixed monthly income. Since
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Important tips on how to profit in a bearish market

Do you want to achieve financial freedom? If yes, then you need to know how to make wise investment decisions in both bull and bear markets. These terms are usually used when discussing the stock market. But they also apply to other tradable assets, such as currencies, commodities, real estate, and bonds. They describe the
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Performance of the Nigerian Economy in H1 2019 and Outlook for the rest of the year

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Why you should really consider mutual funds

A Mutual Fund is a Trust or Company that pools money from many investors and invests in a specified class of securities such as stocks, bonds, real estate or a balanced mix of asset classes. The Mutual Fund is managed by a professional management company who formulates and implements investment management services to the Mutual
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Endeavour to always measure the performance of your Investments

The good thing about investment performance measurement is that it works across asset classes and strategies. It can be used for fixed income securities as much as it can be used for equities or mutual funds. Asset Valuation Investment performance measurement begins with the valuation of the assets within a portfolio. But as an investor,
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Never borrow to meet your wards educational fees

Budget It is of high importance to having a family budget prepared on a Monthly basis. Budgets if nothing, gives you an insight into your household income and the likely expenses that will match it. Every single naira that you earn must have a mission. Without budgets it is easy to think that you have
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Difference Between Interim Dividend and Final Dividend

Companies at the end of a reporting period may choose to declare dividends to its shareholders as part of the distribution of profits that it makes. Dividend is proposed by the board of directors of the company and approved by its shareholders at the AGM. Dividends can however be paid once or twice a year
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The Nigerian Stock Exchange continues the week on a bearish note

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) ended Tuesday’s trading session in negative territory. The All Share Index closed at 29,395.14 basis points, down 0.74%. Year to date, the index is down 6.48%. Top Gainers: CCNN Plc was the best performing stock today. The stock gained 8.11% to close at N14. Academy Press Plc also gained 6.90%
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