Never borrow to meet your wards educational fees


It is of high importance to having a family budget prepared on a Monthly basis. Budgets if nothing, gives you an insight into your household income and the likely expenses that will match it. Every single naira that you earn must have a mission. Without budgets it is easy to think that you have the money only to find out later that you have to borrow to augment.

Cut your coat to your cloth

If your Children school fees per term is more than 50% of your monthly take home pay, then you have basically set the stage for hardship and borrowing. For example, a family that earns a combined N500, 000 per month will need to save N75, 000 every month to pay for a N225,000 per term school fees per term. Anything above this is a recipe for incessant borrowing.

Not for everyone

Nearly every average working class family will like to have their children attend the best schools in the world. Harvard or Princeton for example, cost over $30,000 per annum for tuition taking it out of the reach of most families. This is why there are other options for students who cannot afford to pay for an Ivy League school. Luckily there is no written rule that says students who end up not going to an Ivy League school cannot perform better in their careers. This is so with some of the local schools we have in Nigeria. Rather than whine about not being able to afford a better looking school for your kids efforts should be made at putting them in the next best school that you can afford

Work even harder

Big dreams hardly die so if you still want your ward to go to that big school then you have to work really hard for it. Put in more efforts at your job making sure that it never goes unnoticed. Soon enough, you will be promoted and paid a higher salary. If that doesn’t happen, then seek employment elsewhere that can pay you better.

Seek alternative income

Why not explore other means of augmenting your salary? If you are good at trading then you can have a buy and sell business by the side, which can help fund the school of your dreams for your children. Besides, alternative income helps increase the amount you can throw on school fees when you earn more.

Invest towards the future

Just like above, you can also invest your money in a high yielding mutual fund, bond or many of the quality products in the money and capital markets. For example, buying an FGN Bond that pays 15% per annum in yield and reinvest the interest for about 10 years can turn out to be an extraordinary pay out upon maturity. By leveraging on the power of compounding interest, you can grow that money exponentially helping you pay for a quality school even if its tertiary.

Home School

Home schooling is not yet popular in Nigeria but some parents are actually trying this out. Most working class people are professionals in their own right and by spending extra time at home with their kids they can teach them even more than teachers for whom they pay all those salaries.

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